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October Newsletter 2023

Quote of the Month: "It's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!" - Hocus Pocus

The Monthly Catch-up!

Spooky Season Edition

September was an exceptional month at Cowork 1010, filled with enriching experiences and meaningful connections. We started the month on a delicious note by hosting a member's only pizza party, where coworkers came together to enjoy a scrumptious spread and foster friendships in a relaxed atmosphere.

Later in the month, we held our much-anticipated monthly business round table event. Industry leaders and experts shared their wisdom, facilitating insightful discussions that left our members inspired and equipped with valuable knowledge to elevate their professional journeys. September truly embodied the spirit of collaboration, growth, and community that Cowork 1010 is all about, and we can't wait to see what exciting opportunities await in the coming months.


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Member Highlight

Brock Martin

"Hey everyone! My name is Brock Martin, I work at Edelman, a PR firm where I provide media relations and communications counsel to tech and gaming clients. These are both industries I'm extremely passionate about, I love having the opportunity to share the stories of new experiences, as well as those of the people who create them. I'll talk your ear off about either one if you let me.

Some more about me: I live with my fiancée and our dog and cat on the Northwest side of Indy, where we recently bought our first home and where I have become completely engrossed in my lawn renovation. I'm also a Taco Bell connoisseur and try to get outside as much as possible, especially during the summer, whether it's camping, running, pickleball, enjoying a patio beer, you name it. When I'm not housing a crunchwrap supreme or hanging outside, you can usually find me watching basketball or playing video games.

I decided to join Cowork 1010 this summer to mix up the work from home routine a bit as well as meet some others in the local business community. So please, do come say hi! I'm usually on the 11th floor and willing to talk about the current $5 box at Taco Bell, my yard, Starfield, Purdue basketball, and everything in between. Or work. We can talk about that too. I look forward to meeting you all!"


Upcoming Events

October 19th | Business Round Table | 2pm

Let's chat about your business! This roundtable is an open-ended discussion. Come to the table and bring any questions that you might have, such as how to start-up your own business, finances, marketing, anything! Our members are entrepreneurs and can bring anything to the table. Bouncing ideas off of one another is a great way to answer any of your questions!

October 27th | Member's Appreciation Event: Escape Room | TBA

Get ready to unlock a new level of appreciation at Cowork 1010's Member's Appreciation Event: Escape Room! Join us for an exciting evening of teamwork, problem-solving, and fun as we venture into immersive escape room challenges. It's a fantastic opportunity to bond with fellow members, put your wits to the test, and discover hidden talents while working together to solve puzzles and escape within the allotted time. Don't miss this thrilling adventure as we celebrate our incredible community at Cowork 1010!

DISCLAIMER: This event is for Cowork 1010 member's only


Kennedy Turner, Office Manager

Happy Halloween!

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