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September Newsletter 2023

Quote of the Month: "All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination." - Earl Nightingale

The Monthly Catch-up!

In the bustling month of August, Cowork 1010 continued to foster a vibrant and collaborative environment for its members. We started the month on a delightful note with the Members Only Bagels and Brews event. This cozy morning gathering provided a perfect opportunity for coworkers to connect, share ideas, and savor delicious bagels and brewed beverages.

We then geared up for the signature Business Round Table event later in the month. This monthly gathering brought together a diverse group of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals from various industries. The Business Round Table offered an open forum for participants to discuss challenges, share insights, and seek advice on pressing business matters.

August proved to be a month of connection, knowledge-sharing, and growth at Cowork 1010. As we look ahead to September, the anticipation builds for more engaging events, networking opportunities, and collaborative endeavors that continue to elevate the Cowork 1010 experience. Not to forget, it's the start of Fall!!


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Beginner - $99/month

Standard - $179/month

Executive - $249/month


September Specials

$300 OFF Any Private Office!

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10% OFF Conference Room Rental


Member Highlight

Jessie Bailin

"Hi everyone! My name is Jessie Bailin, and I work as a Project Manager at CADC. Besides managing projects, my life revolves around my constant companion, Johnny Cash, my adorable dog who accompanies me wherever I go. Considering my frequent work-related travels, I've developed a keen interest in exploring new destinations. I find joy in discovering great hiking spots, cozy local pubs, and pet-friendly establishments. When I'm not on the move, I'm passionate about indulging in live music, reading, and whipping up delicious meals. A personal favorite of mine is Crown Hill Cemetery, a serene spot that Cash and I adore for our leisurely afternoon strolls. Over the past three years, my work has taken me across numerous states, from New Hampshire to Indiana, and everywhere in between—Maine, Rhode Island, Georgia, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and even Washington DC.

I inherited the office at Cowork 1010 for this project and am delighted by the splendid view, the reliable coffee machine, and the presence of Kennedy!"


Upcoming Events

September 20th | Member's Only Pizza Party | 12pm

Hey there, fellow members! Get ready for a mouthwatering treat at our Member's Only Pizza Party happening at Cowork 1010. Join us for a fun-filled evening of delicious slices, laughter, and good company.

September 28th | Business Round Table | 2pm

Let's chat about your business! This roundtable is an open-ended discussion. Come to the table and bring any questions that you might have, such as how to start-up your own business, finances, marketing, anything! Our members are entrepreneurs and can bring anything to the table. Bouncing ideas off of one another is a great way to answer any of your questions!


Kennedy Turner, Office Manager

"Fun fact: Fall is my favorite season!

What's yours?

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