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Welcome to Cowork 1010!

As you spend your time in your new workspace, please let us know if there's anything we can do to to help you succeed.

Below are a few steps to follow to ensure you are setup correctly to fully enjoy your Cowork 1010 membership.

Download the Cowork 1010 App

This app is the brains behind your membership and allows you access to the space. When unlocking the doors to the space, make sure to have the Cowork 1010 app open, your Bluetooth on, and location for this particular app on (see in phone settings).


Note that you can also easily to book conference rooms, see important announcements & upcoming events, interact with other members, update payment information, and ask for support via this app as well!

You should have received an email titled "New Membership and Plan at COWORK 1010". In this email, click on "Get Started Now!" to create your account and gain access to the amenities within the app. Please check your junk mail if you do not see this email.

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Ezeep Printing

You should have received an email welcoming you to Ezeep. Follow the instructions in the email to setup access to the printers on your laptop. Black and White pages are FREE. Color pages will be $.09 per page. 

24/7 Access*

You will have 24/7 access to Cowork 1010 as a member. The building is only open from 7AM-8PM Monday-Friday and 9AM-4PM on Saturday. Beyond those hours, you will need to use the West entrance of the building. Once in the first set of doors, there is a keypad to grant yourself access into the building and to our floor only. In your "Welcome to Cowork 1010" email, you will see your personal code.

To use the keyboard to gain access: Enter your unique personal access code. The doors will unlock and you will be able to access the 8th & 11th floor as normal.

WiFi Access

Our WiFi is titled "COWORK 1010" and the password is "COWORKoffice"

* For Standard & Executive Memberships ONLY

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